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Program Offerings

Basic Education Department (BED)
  • Senior High School
  • Grade 11 and Grade 12
    Humanities and Social Science (HUMSS)

  • Junior High School
  • Grade 7 - Grade 10

    Undergraduate Program
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Mama Mary


    A community of disciples formed in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


    • Excellence
    • Integral Human Development
    • Fidelity to the Church in Teaching and Practice
    • Commitment to Social Transformation

    Core Values

    • Integrity
    • Holiness
    • Marian Spirituality
    • Servant-Leadership


    • To establish a quality management system
    • To undertake relevant capacity development programs and activities
    • To adhere to the guidance of civil and ecclesiastical authorities in the field of secular education and integral seminary formation
    • To inculcate the doctrines of the Church in the formation program
    • To design and implement programs responsive to the needs of contemporary society

    Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary prioritizes the holistic development of its seminarians in preparation for their future ministry, as mandated by the Decree on Priestly Training. Our programs cater to the various aspects of formation: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Pastoral Formation, carefully designed to equip future priests with the necessary skills, virtues, and knowledge to serve the Church and the community effectively.

    Four Pillars of Formation

    Human Formation:

    At IHMS, we are dedicated to developing the human person in all aspects of life. Through our comprehensive programs, we provide opportunities for physical, emotional, and social growth, equipping our seminarians with the skills and values necessary for healthy relationships and effective communication. We believe that a healthy human formation is essential for our seminarians to become well-rounded individuals, capable of serving God and humanity with excellence.

    Spiritual Formation:

    Our spiritual formation programs are designed to help our seminarians grow in their relationship with God and deepen their understanding of Catholic tradition. Through daily prayer, regular attendance at Mass, recollections, retreats, and spiritual direction, our seminarians are equipped with the spiritual tools they need to sustain their commitment to the Church and their future ministry. Our focus on spiritual formation reflects our belief that a deep and personal relationship with God is at the heart of the priestly vocation.

    Intellectual Formation:

    At IHMS, we believe that rigorous academic training is essential for the intellectual formation of our seminarians. Our faculty are highly qualified and committed to providing a well-rounded education that integrates faith and reason. Through our academic programs, our seminarians engage in critical thinking, analysis, and research, gaining a deeper understanding of theology, philosophy, and the humanities. Our commitment to intellectual formation reflects our belief that a solid foundation in academic disciplines is necessary for effective ministry and leadership.

    Pastoral Formation:

    Our pastoral formation programs prepare our seminarians for practical ministry by providing opportunities for hands-on experience in various pastoral settings. Through Catechetical Apostolate, Hospital Apostolate, Jail Apostolate and Basic Ecclesial Community Apostolate, our seminarians develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve their communities effectively. Our focus on pastoral formation reflects our belief that practical experience in ministry is essential for our seminarians to become effective and compassionate pastoral leaders.

    Partners who support us

    Please inform us if you are interested in joining the esteemed circle of the Friends of IHMS or Seminary Benefactors. We cordially invite you to get in touch with us through the contact information provided below. Your support will greatly contribute to the growth and development of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, and aid in the formation of future leaders of the Church.